Baby bath tub pad mat adjustable Baby Bath Cushion Used With High-quality material

High-quality material, The baby bath support seat is made of three layers of soft fabrics, high-quality fibers, soft and comfortable, and easy to dry. It can float on the surface of the bathtub, so that the baby will not cry or make trouble.

Innovation and safety,The baby bath support seat has non-slip features to make the baby bath safer. Floating on the pillow feels like a mother’s womb, so your baby will feel relaxed every time he takes a bath.

Perfect curve, The curve of the baby bath tub seat can perfectly fit the baby’s body, avoid skin abrasion, and the headrest can safely put the baby’s head on the water.

Adjustable-The buckle of the baby bath tub seat can be adjusted to firmly fix the bath mat and prevent it from slipping off. Flexible and convenient. It is easier to adapt to different baby bathtubs. With wall hanging design, it is more convenient to hang on the wall when not in use.

Happy Bathing-This is the best way to give your baby a comfortable and safe bath. The non-slip baby bath mat is suitable for all bathtubs. Provide the ultimate comfort for your baby. Your little ones will enjoy their every bath time without uncooperative.


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Post time: Jul-21-2022

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