Edit The comparison of planetary concrete mixer and twin shaft mixer

Comparison of mixing devices:

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For the mixing device of planetary concrete mixer, the mixing blade adopts a parallelogram design structure. When the mixing is worn to a certain degree, it can rotate 180 degrees and continue to be reused. The mixer reduces the cost of customers’ accessories; The mixing arm adopts clamp block structure design to improve the utilization rate of blades as much as possible. The streamlined design of the mixing arm reduces the probability of material reporting arm, and the wear-resistant sheath is designed to prolong the service life of the mixing arm.

The mixing device of double horizontal shaft forced concrete mixer is divided into blade type and spiral belt type. Due to its own structural defects, low utilization rate of blades and use of mixing arm, it needs to be replaced as a whole after a period of time; Due to the limitation of structural layout, the probability of material holding shaft and arm reporting is increased, which increases the cost of customer maintenance and parts replacement.

Comparison of mixing effect:

The planetary concrete mixer can meet the mixing requirements of precast concrete, with high mixing efficiency, good mixing quality and product uniformity requirements. Compared with the double horizontal shaft mixer, because the prefabricated components are directly arranged under the mixing plant, and there is no secondary mixing link in the transportation of commercial concrete tanker, the uniformity standard of secondary mixing is required to be higher. Only by improving the uniformity of secondary mixing can we reduce the scrap rate of finished prefabricated components and achieve the high quality of finished products. Therefore, with superior planetary mixing performance, the vertical shaft planetary concrete mixer is more suitable for the mixing of precast concrete than the Sicoma twin shaft concrete mixer.

Post time: Sep-07-2021

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