Introduction of concrete batching plant


The concrete batching plant is a kind of concrete mixing equipment. The specification of the mixing plant is named according to the discharge size, for example, HZS120. The discharge is 120 cubic meters per hour. Mixing plants of common specifications include HZS25, HZS35, HZS50, HZS60, HZS75, HZS90, HZS120, HZS150, HZS180, hzs240, etc.

1. Group code Hz refers to concrete mixing plant and HL refers to concrete mixing plant; The number of installed units shall be in Arabic numerals, and the single unit can be omitted; The agitator type code s is double horizontal shaft type, D is single horizontal shaft type, t is planetary type, W is vortex slurry type, f is conical inclined discharge type and Z is conical reverse discharge type; The main parameter code is productivity, unit m3 / h;

2. Take the HZS180 mixing plant as an example:

H Z S 180


Of which:

(1) H – concrete

(2) Z – refers to the mixing plant, and if it is a mixing plant, it is represented by the letter L

(3) s – indicates that the configured mixer (main machine) is a twin shaft mixer, and if it is a forced single horizontal shaft machine, it is represented by the letter D

(4) 180 – means that a 3m3 mixer theoretically produces a plate of 3m3 ash per minute, 60 minutes per hour and 60 times of ash beating, and the corresponding concrete output is 3 × 60=180 m3。

If “2″ is added before these symbols, it means that the mixing plant is configured as double unit (double line). For example, double unit 180 station is represented as 2hzs360.

In fact, it is impossible for a HZS180 concrete mixing plant production line to produce 180m3 concrete per hour. GB / t10171 stipulates that if the forced mixer is used in the periodic mixing plant, the number of working cycles shall be ≥ 40 times / h when the main machine is 1.5m3 ~ 2m3. Taking the 120 station equipped with 2m3 machine as an example, the minimum ash discharge shall be ≥ 80m3 / h, and when the main machine is greater than 2m3 ~ 4m3, it shall be ≥ 35 times / h.

3. The product of the mixing plant is ready mixed (fresh) concrete. The so-called ready mixed concrete refers to the qualified homogeneous concrete mixed by the concrete mixing plant without tamping, which is generally also called commercial concrete. The so-called homogeneous concrete refers to the concrete in which the relative error of mortar density in concrete is no more than 0.8% and the relative error of coarse aggregate quality in unit volume concrete is no more than 5%.

Post time: Sep-07-2021

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